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Dr Andy Baxter

Discovery and Development Consultant, ProPharma Partners Ltd


At ProPharma Partners Andy provides consultancy services in discovery and early development, from early research through to mid-stage clinical trials. He is a consultant for portfolio review and candidate selection, lead ID and optimisation (chemistry, strategy and screening), through IPinnovation and diligence, to early development (pre-clinical, CMC, regulatory and early clinical) and product / pipeline diligence for companies or investors.

In a career spanning 28 years he has held senior technical and management positions in major pharmaceutical companies (Glaxo and Pfizer), emerging biotech companies (Chiroscience – Celltech) and, most recently, small virtual pharmaceutical companies (Arakis, Serentis and Altacor). He has in depth experience of the drug discovery and development process leading programmes through lead generation, lead optimisation, candidate selection and early clinical development. Andy has a broad understanding of most therapeutic areas and experience of many therapeutic targets.

He is an inventor or co-inventor of more than 60 patent applications and in addition has many years of experience managing development programs and has a broad technical and quality understanding of pre-clinical, CMC, regulatory and early clinical operations. He has been involved in the product development of solid dose forms, parental, topical (dermatology and ophthalmology), inhaled, intra-nasal, sub-lingual and transdermal patches and has been successful in both in-licensing and out-licensing projects and have managed collaborations between biotech and major pharmaceutical companies on a multidisciplinary level.