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Professor Steven Harper



Steve has extensive expertise in medical applications of VEGF inhibitors, and jointly discovered anti-angiogenic VEGF165b.

His initial research training in molecular pathology took place in Leicester University on immune-mediated kidney disease. Since 1996, he has been a consultant nephrologist and transplant physician at the Richard Bright Renal Unit in Bristol, and jointly runs the Microvascular Research Laboratories in Bristol part-time.

His research interests revolve around how renal tissue phenotypes change in association with the mRNA repertoire, and how controlling these repertoire changes, that appear common to a particular paradigm (e.g. angiogenesis, hyper-permeability) may translate to clinical therapies in multiple disease states. He is the co-inventor of the patent on regulation of splicing and its therapeutic use, as well as on 6 other patents including that describing anti-angiogenic VEGF165b as a therapeutic.