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Professor David Bates

SAB Chairman


Dave has extensive expertise in angiogenesis and the regulation of pre-mRNA splicing. He received his PhD in Physiology from the University of London in 1992 and has been working on VEGF regulation of physiological function since 1994. In 2001 he established the Microvascular Research Laboratories within the School of Veterinary Sciences at the University of Bristol, and in the same year he discovered the anti-angiogenic class of VEGF splice variants.

Dave was appointed Professor of Microvascular Biology and Medicine in the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology in Bristol in 2007, the year he identified how VEGF splicing was regulated. He now investigates the therapeutic potential of VEGF-splice variants and their control in eye disease, cancer, diabetes, pregnancy, lung and kidney disease.

He is the lead inventor of the patents on regulation of splicing and therapeutic use of this mechanism. In 2013 he was appointed Professor of Oncology and Chair of Division of Preclinical Oncology at the University of Nottingham.