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Dr Sam Fazeli

Director of Research, Global Industries, Bloomberg Intelligence


Sam Fazeli is Director of Research, Global Industries at Bloomberg Intelligence, a dynamic platform for in-depth research available on the Bloomberg Professional service at BI.

Dr. Fazeli specializes in European pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

Dr. Fazeli has over 20 years of experience conducting equity research as a pharmaceutical analyst, working at firms such as Nomura International and HSBC.

Prior to joining Bloomberg in 2010, Dr. Fazeli worked at Piper Jaffray, Ltd. as a pharmaceutical analyst and head of European research. Before transitioning to investment banking, Dr. Fazeli was a research scientist for seven years.

Dr. Fazeli has been ranked a top analyst by both the U.K. and Pan-European Extel surveys. He received a bachelor’s of science from Cardiff University, and a Ph.D. in pharmacology from the University of London.